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So long, and thanks for the woo-woo

January 14, 2010

Good things have come of the day, which I chose to spend being exhausted and unproductive. First, I have two job interviews tomorrow. Second, I will soon have a regular supply of medications again.

Let me explain. Last night, in tears, I called up my aunt and asked for woo-woo work. (This term is not meant to disparage this type of work or offend anyone — it’s just how we call it.) Woo-woo work is something she does to put energy back in its proper places, as she explains it to me. It involves envisioning pretty colors, cords, and buckets — not of the lolrus variety.

So last night, in my exhaustion and conviction that I was unloved, I called and asked for some woo-woo work. My aunt obliged, I fell asleep, and woke up feeling a bit better but still not particularly colorful.

And today I got two calls from two potential employers. I also had a doctor’s appointment in which I probably looked quite a mess, because they agreed to provide me with basic services despite my lack of health insurance.

It’s not even that today has been, in and of itself, a good day — though it has. It’s that today has been a lucky day. Today has been one of those days when the contingencies of life come together just so and I find myself a breath away from failing and yet, somehow, I never quite let go.

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