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The days in between

January 12, 2010

Today is one of those days, neither here nor there — it is one long purgatory of waiting for the next thing, the best thing, everything in between. I feel like the Dr. Seuss book saying that, but don’t quite remember the words of Dr. Seuss well enough to know if I am on track.

On the plus side, enough has happened in limbo today that I feel that I’ve had a productive day of waiting. Primarily this means that I sorted out some packages for which I am the delivery girl; I cleaned the apartment; I did not throw the Little Beast cat off the bed when it climbed on my head and squeaked; I found health care.

For this, I would say, it’s been a good day, but I would like limbo to be over soon.

PS: Internet, today I told someone (honestly) that I am not a student when he wanted me to vote for him. And guess what? It worked. He left me alone.

PPS: I don’t use this technique in real elections, by the way.

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