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I started a blog!

December 31, 2009

That’s right, I started a blog. I make no apologies, though I am a bit surprised at myself. And the name? It’s called Radical Consent because that’s where I am right now — thinking about what parts of my life I want to maintain, to consent to, and where I refuse to continue in this way. Maybe others expect this of their lives, but in my world the idea that I can consent to my own conditions is a radical idea. Hence the name.

Who am I?

I am a planner, professionally and personally. I am struggling with that awkward in-between space of just finishing graduate school and having some plans change in unexpected and only sometimes welcome ways. I am a young woman from the sticks living in the city. I am learning to identify myself as disabled. I am also learning, with more enthusiasm, to identify myself as a progressive and a feminist.

But who am I to be writing this?

I suppose I am the same as above. But I am this, too: I am a person who believes in my own right to participate in making myself and my world look as I would choose. And so I struggle — constantly — with feeling like an imposter in my own life, which is one of the side effects of being country, poor, first generation (American and education), invisibly different and yet traditionally successful.

In other words, there is the good me (v2.0) and the undeserving version (v1.1). This is the reconciliation of Sadie Kay v1.1 and v2.0. I hope it will be interesting, amusing, or enlightening.

Ed: Originally published November 30, 2009 on the original blog.

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