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Happy Christmas Eve!

December 31, 2009

Christmas holidays have always been a happy time of year for me. This is surprising given that I grew up with the dictionary definition of PTSD in my life, and Christmas was regularly interrupted by my father army rolling underneath various items of furniture if sirens were heard. Even so, it was a magical time of year. I still, seeing the red and green traffic lights while driving home, think of Christmas.

I remember learning to roller blade on the community tennis courts on Christmas days in middle school. The extra patience showed by people pushing their shopping carts around a crowded grocery store. I remember the time spent visiting neighbors and baking Christmas cookies with my aunt and, early on, my grandmother.

These are good times. This year will be different, being on the mainland, but I hope not bad.

I start tonight with Christmas Eve service at my local church, part of a community I would not have anticipated being in a year ago. And though this community is surprising and unexpected, it’s not unwanted. I look forward to being part of them this evening; I am grateful that they opened their hearts and homes and church to me; I am excited to spend tonight with them.

Ed note: Originally posted December 24, 2009.

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